How to Successfully Shop for Salon Waiting Room Furniture

When it comes to building a successful beauty salon, choosing your salon waiting room furniture is going to be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. A salon reception desk isn’t just designed to give yourself or your employees an optimal work station. It’s also going to convey a very clear message to your current and potential clients.

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The Importance Of Beauty Salon Furniture

Beauty salon reception furniture has to do a number of things simultaneously. It has to look professional, but not so professional as to make your visitors uncomfortable. And it does indeed have to be comfortable, as well. While you don’t want to keep a client waiting for too long, you still want your guests to feel completely at ease while they wait their turn.

Think about it this way: If your client is sitting in your salon waiting room reading a magazine or perhaps checking their phone and you notice that they have to shift their bodies repeatedly, something is wrong.

And when it comes to the salon reception desk, you want something that will combine style and function effortlessly. This doesn’t have to be a complex task by any means. You’re just going to want to take note of these tips below.

Salon Furniture: Pointers For Shopping

Finding the right salon waiting room furniture, which includes your salon reception desk, doesn’t have to be a stressful task. There are some simple things you can keep in mind, to help ensure you choose beauty salon reception furniture that’s going to make everyone happy:

  • Comfortable chairs for your clients to sit in is worth taking seriously. Before you even start to select a salon reception desk, make sure your visitors have chairs that are going to be comfortable to sit in first.
  • Once you have the chairs taken care of, you can move on to what will arguably be the most important aspect of salon waiting room furniture shopping. The salon reception desk has to accomplish a lot. You don’t want to purchase a piece you’re ultimately going to be dissatisfied with.
  • Keep in mind that the reception area is going to be a very active place. This can drive home the fact that you want to choose wisely. The reception area is where you’re going to greet clients, answer phone calls, see clients to the door, and handle many of the day-to-day functions that go with running a beauty salon (such as handling money). It’s a busy area and people are going to be looking at and using the desk quite a bit. Make sure you have ample guest seating, but at the same time be watchful of possibly having too much seating capacity that you end up cluttering the free space.
  • You’ll also want to understand the value of first impressions. When it comes to a business, a person’s first impression of that business tends to be the only one they’re ever going to have. If this piece of beauty salon reception furniture doesn’t exude the right combination of friendliness and professionalism, then your potential clients are going to have a negative impression of your business right off the bat. You don’t want the relationship you’re looking to build with a client to start out as an uphill battle for their respect and business. Chances are, you’re going to lose that battle.
  • One of your key considerations when it comes to evaluating waiting room furniture is where the desk is ultimately going to be placed. A desk that’s going in a corner will likely need to be round-edged. A desk that’s going to be placed in the center of the room might be oval, rectangular, or perhaps square-shaped.
  • You’re likely going to want a desk that serves a variety of functions simultaneously. A number of beauty salons or spas utilize a reception desk that features see-through/frosted glass on the front panel, which allows you to post ads or specials.
  • If the reception desk is where money is going to be transacted or handled, then you’ll want something for the safekeeping of money. Lockable drawers are good. You may also store cash in the cash register during the day and keeping it in the safe at the end of the day. Whatever option you choose, you must have the ability to lock and secure the money collected.
  • Plenty of storage space is another factor you’re going to want to consider. You’ll need a desk that will give you or your staff the ability to store business files, customer information, and more. A spa reception desk may also need enough room for phones, a cash register, products, a computer, and other essential items.
  • A mix of contemporary and chic designs figures heavily into the way most beauty salons look. However, you’re free to go in a variety of directions. Just make sure your salon reception desk matches the rest of the salon.
  • Make sure your desk leaves enough room for comfortable movement, as well as additional pieces of furniture, and anything else you plan to have in the reception area.
  • Keep privacy needs in mind. Therefore, make sure the desk is high enough to afford sufficient privacy for your staff while they are seated.